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7 advantages of installing an anti-chlorine filter from TRES Grifería


More and more homes are using tap water to cook and drink. Many times, we find that the water has an off smell and flavor. This is caused by too much chlorine in the mains water. To overcome this, TRES has developed an anti-chlorine filter installed under the countertop that purifies, treats and filters the mains water, making it suitable to drink.

Why is it recommendable to install a kitchen tap with an anti-chlorine filter?

Here are 7 advantages so you can decide for yourself:

  1. Chlorine-free water. The TRES filter reduces the amount of impurities, sediments, odor and chlorine by as much as 99%, while always preserving the mineral properties of the mains water.
  2. It uses no energy, since the filtering system needs no electricity.
  3. Immediate availability. The mains water is filtered as soon as the mixer tap is activated. There is no need to wait or accumulate filtered water.
  4. No need for two taps. The filtered water tapware from TRES has two mixer taps built into its body and two independent outlets, one for the mains water and another for the filtered water.
  5. This affordable tapware is easy to install and maintain. It can be adapted to pre-existing osmosis installations, with a standard system of connections or hoses.
  6. The filtering system is small in size, which means that the anti-chlorine filter can be installed under the sink without taking up too much space.
  7. Easy replacement of the anti-chlorine filter. The TRES anti-chlorine filter provides up to 4000 liters of filtered water. Once its life cycle has been completed, it can be replaced without having to turn off the water supply.

In order to enjoy this healthier filtered water at home, TRES has two models of kitchen tapware in its catalog for water treatment. The models with the anti-chlorine filter are Ref. 1.62.453 and 030.355.01). The models without this filter are Ref. 1.62.456 and 030.455.01).