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  • A new Tres website and updated digital content

    With a significant aesthetic overhaul, Tres improves its web interface to create a site that is more visual and intuitive. This way, the brand also aims to improve users’ experience as they choose and purchase their products and resolve their doubts, by ordering the content and streamlining navigation.

  • The latest from Tres in 2021: Careful designs for a unique experience for all

    April is here and it’s full of change. Here are some of Tres’ main innovations this year. The brand has curated its catalogue with the latest technology in mind to improve your shower experience, perfecting the interior and exterior design of its products, widening its range of special finishes and releasing new electronic solutions to make both bathrooms and kitchens safer from germs.

  • Tres presents its 2021 catalogue full of new products featuring fresh innovations and designs

    Tres unveils its new 2021 catalogue compiling the whole range of the brand’s products. From 1 April, our tapware and other kitchen and bathroom accessories will be presented in two different lists: the Exclusive/Selection Price List, with high-range products, and the Basic/Standard Price List, with lower-priced products.

  • Tres breathes a breath of fresh air into its corporate image with design and user-experience

    In April, Tres will reveal its new corporate image which reflects the brand’s repositioning as a leader in designer tapware available to all. It is set to be unveiled in future releases and backed up by the update to its visual and verbal aspects, which will help transmit these changes.

  • Great ideas to combine with Tres tapware (II)

    The most appealing materials for decorating are the perfect accessory for creating incredible spaces. These, combined with tapware from Tres, are setting trends in the interior design world and helping turn the bathroom into a comfortable and personalised room. In addition to the combinations that we wrote about before, here are some new ideas to arouse your inspiration.

  • Complete comfort and control while you shower with thermostatic sets from Tres

    With endless combinations possible, following rounded or angular designs for both bath and shower, Tres has specialised in the manufacture of thermostatic shower sets for an elegant presence in the bathroom and wonderful moments of relaxation under the shower. Offering quality finishes and multiple functions which turn taking a shower or bath into your favourite time of day.

  • Archello Projects (II): Chrome tapware from Tres

    Here is the second compilation of the best architecture and interior design projects found in this professional network. The bathrooms and kitchens of the homes shown all have one thing in common: the use of chrome to create modern and spacious rooms.

  • Water and soap with the new electronic tap by Tres - hygienic contact-free solutions

    Both at home and in public places, it is fundamentally important to keep the area clean and reduce contact with surfaces. With this in mind, Tres has incorporated new electronic tap models into its catalogue with adaptable, modern designs.

  • Great ideas to combine with Tres tapware (I)

    In case you need some inspiration to create special spaces, here are some good ideas for combining Tres tapware finishes with the most interesting materials on trend in decoration. Perfect combinations to surprise you.

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