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A special tap for each interior design project


The TRES catalogue includes the widest product versatility to complete any interior design project bearing in mind the end user’s needs, the location and functionality of each tap and the differential design of each item to create surprising atmospheres.

We know that it is essential for architects to base themselves on frames of reference which provide them with real solutions for each situation and guarantee maximum quality. That is why the TRES catalogue includes the broadest product versatility to complete any interior design project. With more than 4.500 references available, the opportunity to find the special tap which gives character to each project is immense.

TRES has shaped its portfolio bearing in mind the end user’s needs, the location and functionality of each tap and the differential design of each article to create surprising atmospheres.

Functional to sophisticated
When choosing the tapware for any architectural or interior design project, it is necessary to look for those products which suit the needs of the user. The designer’s recommendations can be of value in completing the concept of the space designed. That is why it is important to have where to choose from.

All the TRES series have interesting designs added to a wide variety of alternatives for each location. For example for the washbasin area, you can find tapware at different heights, concealed in the wall, with the handles separate from the spout... variations to give a solution to every decorative need. For the shower too, where you can choose from single-control mixer taps to thermostatic taps with visible or concealed designs and a wide variety of combinations for each type of use. Or for the kitchen, where there are different features conceived for each use.

The wide spectrum of ranges offered by TRES covers any demand. When more adaptable and economic designs are required, we can find series such as canigó-tres, with technology suited to reduce the water consumption, or flat-tres, which is highly functional with a very stylish and modern design; without forgetting about other collections with excellent results such as class-tres, lex-tres and alplus, to name but a few.

Sometimes, the built space requires tapware with a much more accentuated design which reinforces the space’s concept. In another product range where the tapware enhances the personality of any space, we find series such as cuadro-tres, loft-tres and max-tres, each with a very specific design which will, without a doubt, add value to any place where they are positioned.

It is also easy to find suitable tapware designed in the style of each home. The tres-clasic series is full of products which provide that essential touch to complete a rustic, elegant or classic atmosphere in conjunction with the technological advances of current manufacturing. And the slim exclusive series provides unbeatable exclusiveness thanks to its stylised lines which fit perfectly into modern atmospheres seeking the height of perfection in their finishes. Series such as project-tres and study exclusive are also clear examples of superior ranges which suit contemporary and refined settings.

By taking a tour of all the TRES collections, you are sure to find an inspirational design which fits in which all the premises of each architectural project.

Tapware conceived to create singular spaces
The wider range of available finishes is undoubtedly one of TRES’ strong points. It is always a good idea to step out of the traditional chrome finish to make a space as distinctive as possible.

A tap in steel takes you straight to urban, cosmopolitan environments with an industrial feel... while the matte black finish is a trending colour precisely thanks to the great contribution it makes to the interior design concept. The 24 carat gold will always draw attention for its pure elegance and distinction, as will the metallic black that provides very bold contrast thanks to its singular tonality.

To change the appearance of the home completely and give it as much character as possible, the painted tapware painted in a bright colour such as red, amber or violet, among others, widens all the design possibilities by bringing originality.

Singularity is only possible with personalised manufacture and service
Own manufacture lets us offer all these variations on a theme by combining the industrialised process which gives precision and perfection with the handcrafted process to create exclusive finishes that aspire to excellence.

Only this way can we offer different designs and cover very broad product ranges without ever forgoing the quality of materials, the development of technology applied to tapware and an assured, personalised service at all times.