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Base-Tres and Base-Tres Plus, the design of the essential


The simplicity of these ranges was thought through in detail to meet basic tapware requirements without sacrificing quality, and at affordable prices.

A double exercise in simplicity

Designing something simple is actually one of the most complicated challenges designers face. That is because simple items are those that are actually essential and, to find these, we need to leave out anything that is not truly vital.

And this is precisely what Tres Grifería has achieved with its “Base-Tres” and “Base-Tres Plus” tapware collections. These are two collections that include the basic items needed to equip bathrooms and kitchens, designed without making any concessions in terms of the quality of their components.

Simplicity is also synonymous with quality

The taps in these collections combine efficiency and safety, and they are backed by the TRES guarantee of quality and the confidence it inspires. Created using materials of the highest quality, they comply with all current laws and EN DIN regulations.

With regard to their manufacturing process, we should point out that they are made of brass (alloy CB757S, with low lead content, as required by European regulations). They use Tres-Micron chrome, which is highly resistant, tough and easy to clean.

In addition, the taps in these collections include ceramic disks that provide smooth tap operation and extend the service life of the cartridges. They also employ the Protec-Tres System, which means that the cartridge ring limits the desired maximum temperature, helping to prevent scalding.

When it comes to their appearance, their simple and ergonomic lines mean that they are products that always stay current, conceived to appeal to varying tastes, beyond temporary trends.

Base-Tres, basically unique

Base-Tres is “basically unique” in that it is the more basic of the two ranges. In order to achieve a product line that is easy to operate, it features mixer taps for sinks, showers, bath-shower combos, bidets and kitchens.

In addition, there are also built-in showers with one- and two-way mixer taps, as well as shower kits.

Base-Tres Plus, basically genuine

Base-Tres Plus is a line that represents an evolution over Base-Tres.

In this collection we can find both mixer tap products and anti-limescale shower assemblies, as well as different versions of our thermostatic showers. There are also wall-mounted mixer taps for kitchens and other options that complete the full range.

TRES offers five-year warranties on these products, which is longer than the two years usually offered by competing brands. Another positive thing to bear in mind is that the large permanent stock of Base-Tres and Base-Tres Plus products means that customers can always receive them within 24/48 hours.