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Colour contrasts for eclectic interior design


Interior design knows no rules; and if there are any, they are for transgressing. Eclectic design plays with this idea of combining furniture, objects and textures of a diverse origin to break with conventional guidelines and bring together the best of each style in the same ambiance. In this way we hope to create our own style, which we can personalise as much as we wish and which defines the house’s inhabitants’ way of being. Elements which are apparently unconnected or from different eras can be combined to this end, reinforcing that contrast and differential point, seeking visual harmony all the while so that it does not seem like a haphazard collection of parts.

Whether for bathroom or kitchen, tapware really gives the finishing touch to that personal style you are after. A good way to achieve it is to take advantage of lively colours to add distinction. The contrast between the colour of the furnishings and of the tapware or accessories will make an essential visual impact.

Daring bathrooms
By way of example and using colour as the guiding principle of our interior design, we can play with white furnishings and add elements which break the monotony, such as accessories in strident colours, patterned towels and a tap fully painted in a bright colour. The coloured taps from the study exclusive by TRES have a powerful design because the simplicity of their body and the mobility of their curved spout plays off with a bright and lively colour. There are different heights available for the washbasin, as well as versions concealed in the wall and designs with handles sitting apart from the spout. They are available in amber, orange, red, green, fuchsia, violet, white or black.

Showers with contrasts
Mixing textures and colours is a leitmotiv in eclectic decoration. And this can be achieved with tapware. Shower trays with the appearance of stone or slate, with floor tiles in a more neutral marble colour such as white or black, can be combined with the loft colors tapware, which has a design that plays with the materials by mixing painted parts with parts in chrome. This contrast of chrome reflections and bright colours strengthens the initial concept of achieving diverse textures and finishes.

Unique, eye-catching kitchens
The kitchen is one of the most-frequented parts of a house, and that is why we recommend choosing a base style and giving a differential touch with certain furnishings, accessories, lamps or the kitchen utensils themselves in sight. The key is to know how to play with the colours without overburdening. TRES also has kitchen taps in eight different colours, in full colour or combined with the chrome. These taps are very eye-catching and have a sufficiently sober and functional design to integrate them into the decoration of this space.