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Contactless technology and design


Electronic basin taps are both easy to use and efficient. Thanks to its infrared sensor, there is no need to touch the tap with your hands, maintaining hygiene levels in the bathroom and reducing water consumption.

Although electronic taps are more commonly found in public spaces, they are increasingly being used in private bathrooms, combining ease of use with efficiency. Using its infrared sensor, the tap turns itself on and off, eliminating any unnecessary water usage and optimising water consumption. And as there is no need to touch the tap with your hands, the bathroom is kept cleaner for longer and avoids the possible transmission of germs.

TRES offers various different models, providing you with hygienic, sustainable and advanced solutions without sacrificing our taste for sophisticated design.

Comfortable and hygienic performance
Thanks to its motion sensor, you can use the tap without having to touch it, making it completely hygienic and keeping it free from fingerprints and water splashes. Likewise, it helps protect against the spread of illnesses, which are more likely to be passed on in shared spaces such as bathrooms where many people touch the tap each day.

Water-saving technology
The tap only turns on when it detects hand movement, and as a result, only the necessary amount of water is used. It also features a limiter which helps maintain a constant water flow and control the temperature of the water.

Don’t sacrifice design
The sensor is perfectly integrated into the body of the tap and allows for both traditional and modern designs.
TRES has created parts for basins that are perfectly suited to any type of bathroom, whether private or public.

The Basic range features this robust electronic tap with a temperature regulator, which is perfect for spaces shared by large amounts of people. (ref. 392.103.01)

With a compact body, this electronic tap is highly reliable and vandalism-proof. (ref. 192.906.03)

For a contemporary and stylish finish, we recommend this tap with a slender design. (ref. 205.603.02)

But, in order to make a difference without having to give up its distinctive style, TRES has created a more stylish line of taps that is perfectly suited to more elegant spaces and those in need of personality. The electric taps in the Slim exclusive collection show off this sophistication and are available in 6 different finishes. A new opportunity for creating an exclusive bathroom interior by combining it with shiny or matte 24-karat gold, the beautiful brushed steel, radiant chrome, the pure matte white or the ever-relevant matte black, our most sought-after finish.