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Gold matte by TRES in interior design


Metallic finishes in decoration have always been characterised by their shine, an easy-to-combine tonality and the stamp of personality they bring to the ambiance. Metallic pieces (or those with a metallic finish) strategically positioned in a space impart an air of authenticity which always stands out positively.

One finish which reflects current trends is gold matte. It retains the elegance of lustrous gold and adds the natural touch of its brushing and matte varnish. This broadens the decoration possibilities of the finish, which is adaptable both to refined settings and spaces with a vintage air. Moreover, the 24-carat matte gold finish used by TRES in its taps is completely safe and durable, and does not require any special maintenance.

The 24k matte gold taps are in fashion

Gold matte is back with a vengeance and has become one of the most prominent finishes. Playing with this potent colour is interesting when decorating the bathroom or kitchen, without being excessive. One of the most successful combinations is to use a base of neutral tones (black, white, grey...) and play with the gold matte tapware in combination with small decorative items with the same finish. This strengthens the contrast and gives meaning to the space.

A metallic finish, it also works very well in settings where natural materials are prominent. Stone washbasins, or marble or stoneware surfaces, are elegant and natural when complemented by gold matte tapware.

In addition to the finish, the tap shape design must also resonate with the final interior design sought. In this way, if you opt for tapware with an avant-garde design and straight lines, we recommend the slim exclusive or cuadro exclusive series with pieces that, with a matte gold finish, are a great example of minimalism and distinction. If what you are looking for is tapware with a classic design, the Tres-clasic series by TRES is ideal for strengthening a rustic but elegant aesthetic. The more rounded or outline-less shapes from the study exclusive or loft colors series will soften the ambiance and bring modernity. And for contemporary interior design concepts, project-tres has a wide variety of articles to fully equip the bathroom.