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How do I choose the right tapware for my shower?


If you are about to refurbish your house or you have decided to update the tapware in your bathroom, TRES offers you advice to help you choose the best option for upgrading your shower or bath.

A shower set is the piece that combines the mixer tap with the rest of the parts, such as the handheld shower, shower head, hose and bracket. Nowadays there is an enormous variety of items for your shower space, and you can choose between showers featuring different technologies, performance, sizes and special finishes. And with all of these options available, don't forget about the fundamentals: you need to select a shower set that is practical and tailored to your needs, suited to your bathroom habits as well as to your installation system.

If you follow these steps, you will, without a doubt, be able to find the perfect shower set for your bathroom:

1. Decide whether you need a tap or just accessories
It may seem obvious, but it’s always worth mentioning. There are two types of shower sets: Those with an integrated mixer tap and those without. When the existing tapware is outdated or you simply want to replace it, choose one of the options that feature an integrated tap.

If you are happy with the tap you have but you want to upgrade its performance, all you’ll need are the parts to complement your shower set. If this is the option for you, TRES offers full kits which comprise a sliding bar with a built-in diverter for switching the water flow between the handheld shower and the shower head, and a hose for connecting the output to your existing taps. This is a very practical option with a wide range of versatile designs. You can also purchase the parts separately (bars, handheld showers, shower heads, hoses), being able to choose between products with different dimensions, finishes and number of water outlets.

2. Choose the tap type based on the performance you want
If you have decided on a full set with an integrated mixer tap, there are two different options for you:

Mixer tap: A single tap for controlling the water flow and for mixing hot and cold water. It is one of the most functional options there is and there are lots of interesting designs available.
Thermostatic tap: One of the greatest benefits of this kind of tap is that you have complete control over the water temperature. They have a tap on either end, one which controls the temperature and one which allows you to control the water flow and divert it to other outputs. In addition, there are the concealed Block System and digital taps such as Shower Technology, which boasts a digital thermostatic panel.

TRES offers a plethora of designs for each type of tap, meaning that you’ll always be able to find the perfect one for your bathroom, with designs ranging from classic to contemporary and with exclusive finishes that will totally transform your bathroom.

3. Install it in a bath tub or in a shower
It’s important to consider whether you want it for a bath tub or a shower, as the models vary, some with longer bars or higher shower heads, and then there are those with a telescopic bar.

For a bath tub: The bar needs to be longer or it needs to be extendible, as the tap is usually at around 55 cm high. Additionally, these models have an extra output for filling the bath tub.
For a shower: The bar in the shower set is usually shorter as the taps in a shower are already around 100-120 cm high. These models do not have an extra output for filling the bath tub.

TRES has an entire department at its disposition to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your shower space. No one option is better than the others, but you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for you and your bathroom!