Exclusive finishes: the latest in tapware

The top new products from TRES are exclusive items, equipped with the latest technology and created for select, very demanding customers. For the most demanding customers, we have tapware with special finishes (colours, matte and gold) that add exclusive value to the tapware.


Standing taps that a lot of thought has gone into

The new features of the standing taps by TRES for the bath area are their two independent regulators, one to fill the tub and the other for the hand shower, which is limited to 45 ºC to prevent possible burns.


Protect-Tres Reconnect with the TRES spirit

The new Project-Tres series is very contemporary and elegant and can go with practically any decorative style. It is intelligent and manages to put us back in contact with the TRES spirit, taking it forward into the future. This is a series with a wide range of finishes, such as matte white or black colours, as well as steel and chrome.


Slim Exclusive

The Slim Exclusive series highlights futuristic shapes and thin, straight lines that accentuate its length, while emphasizing a style all its own, with finishes that enhance its purity by combining black or white with chrome, for example, creating a special reflection that leaves no-one indifferent.

Cuadro Exclusive

A collection with great attention to detail. With slim lines, compact body and modern design, the Cuadro Exclusive series is intended for those who are looking for something different. Pure craftwork and maximum design to decorate the most modern of spaces and add a touch of distinction to the bathroom.

Study Exclusive

Who says colours are only for walls? Tres introduces the Study Exclusive collection. This colourful collection combines this element with style, giving us greater freedom to decorate our homes. Pure shapes and the entire painted surface guarantee a perfect, long-lasting colour that will remain unchanged over time.

Loft Colors

The perfect combination of colour and chrome in the Loft Colors series brings out the elegance of a product with a contemporary style. Aesthetic solutions call attention to the perfection of its finishes, which offer great possibilities for design and decoration.


The Cuadro-Tres series was created to become a leader in its segment. The entire series stands out for both its functionality and its natural and conceptual beauty. Its straight, pure lines with a carefree and alternative feel add a surprising decorative note to the room.


The small pleasures in life are usually within hand's reach. The Class-Tres series was created with the clear aim of offering its users all the wellbeing and comfort possible in the bathroom. This series has contemporary lines that fit in perfectly with all types of spaces, both small and large.

Shower Technology

An electronic thermostat makes your shower or bath easier, more attractive and more enjoyable. The digital touch-operated panel means you can program the temperature and flow easily and intuitively to create a unique, personal experience.

Block System

The range of built-in thermostatic taps from TRES give the bathroom an exquisite look, ensuring the expected degree of comfort. Different formats let you select the one that best suits your individual needs. Its internal anchoring system makes it easier to assemble so that it is perfectly aligned.

Thermostatic tapware

All the most advanced technology, to maximise your comfort. The fast-response thermostatic cartridge, the anti-scalding system and the functionality meet all the requirements for a shower.

Thermostatically-controlled sets

The most complete and perfect bathroom. The quality of a thermostat that provides the comfort you need to take full advantage of the pleasure of the water. With designs that coordinate with any style of bathroom.


Taps with the Mono-term system have the same ease of use as a conventional mixer tap, but with a system that maintains the temperature, similar to that of a thermostat. Changes in pressure or flow go unnoticed by its users.

Shower Columns

The importance of comfort combined with the technical perfection of the TRES shower columns. With anodised or white finish, this thermostatic product promotes the user's wellbeing with rain-effect shower heads, stimulating water jets and hand showers with a massage function.

Shower heads

Showerheads with the desired shapes, sizes and finishes. Ceiling-fitted, wall-fitted, with chromotherapy, massage effect, cascade type, curtain of rain, etc., all designed for relaxation. At TRES we make them a decorative element, with an exclusive design and the best possible quality.

Kits and Bars

Complete your bathroom with a sliding bar which allows you to shower without the need for a hand shower. A wide range of functional and attractive models, incorporating the water intake to make life as easy as possible.


We offer you multiple solutions, from the most sophisticated to a simple hand shower for those wanting the most basic option, not forgetting the multi-function showers created with anti-limescale and water saving materials without compromising on the satisfaction of a comfortable shower.


Hoses of different sizes and finishes to coordinate perfectly with your bathroom: from the practicality of satin-finish hoses to the retro feel of brass or copper hoses, not forgetting double clamped hoses in chrome and extendable hoses.


The elements that your bathroom needs, with countless designs and different finishes. Directable, fixed, with wall intake, etc.

Kitchen Mixer Tap

These are the most commonly installed taps due to their practicality, as all functions are controlled by one single lever or handle. Only one simple movement is required to adjust both the temperature and the flow.

Pull-out spout Kitchen Taps

Add functionality and a large radius of action in the kitchen with an pull-out spout tap. Depending on the model, the flow can be easily adjusted by pressing a button, making it adaptable to the task at hand.

Water Treatment

Filtered, chlorine-free water from a single tap in the kitchen. The easiest and most effective way of having chlorine-free water in the house without having to buy and carry bottles.

Folding Kitchen Tap

These models come with a spout which can be rotated and folded down. This is ideal when the tap is to be installed near a window.

Electronic Kitchen

Electronic tapware is used whenever practicality and ease of maintenance are sought, respecting and even extolling the modern and functional styles available.

Industrial Kitchens

These kinds of taps facilitate work in the kitchen, as they come with a high revolving output level, ensuring full freedom of movement. Some models also come with a lower spout.


TRES presents its catalogues with a wide selection of products for your home, updating and expanding the current TRES offer in the tapware market. Organised in a practical, visual manner, the catalogues are an effective, definitive sales tool where you will find examples of exclusive products, design and quality for your customers. With our price lists, photographic catalogues and explanatory leaflets you can discover the new developments within the brand and get all the information you need about our products. See them and download them in PDF here.


The videos offered by TRES are a useful way of discovering our latest developments, watching the tapware being installed and understanding the advantages of our patented systems. They can be seen online, on our website, where you will find answers to frequently asked questions about tapware. You will find everything from practical advice on how to calibrate the thermostatic cartridge or clean filters to information on TRES water- and energy-saving systems.