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Kitchen Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are very practical for the kitchen; that’s why they are our most popular choice. A single lever controls both the flow and the temperature. Most models feature cold-water opening, which helps you save water. The cartridge is smooth, long-lasting and extremely quiet.

Extendable hose

In taps with an extensible spout, the spout can be separated from the rest of the tap. It can be extended and moved freely, and put back in place once you have finished using it. Some models come with a double stream type: aerator and shower effect.

Folding Kitchen Taps

If your kitchen sink is in front of a window or a cupboard door, a folding tap is the solution. The spout folds forward so that you can open the window without bumping it. When not folded down, it has the same appearance as a standard tap.

Chlorine-Free Kitchen Taps

Tres’ anti-chlorine filter can be installed under the kitchen counter and will treat your mains water so that it is suitable for drinking, eliminating the bad taste typical of excess chlorine. Filtered, chlorine-free water direct to your kitchen from the same spout but with two separate pipelines. Also available for osmosis systems.

Industrial Kitchen Taps

Industrial tapware is designed to make it easier to work in the kitchen by featuring a high and adjustable tap with a twin-function water outlet, helping you with your day-to-day tasks.

Electronic Kitchen Taps

Electronic tapware ensures a greater level of hygiene, comfort and security. Perfect for restaurants, hotels and public spaces.

Dual-Control Kitchen Taps

Two separate handles control the water temperature: one for cold water and one for hot water. Two-handle taps for the kitchen feature a classic silhouette with contemporary designs.

Flexible hose

Taps with a flexible spout have a very modern design and are characterised by a flexible hose fused to the spout, allowing you to bend them and slightly change the direction of the flow.