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The most complete shower

More functions with the same ease of use.

Mixer taps are characterized by their functionality. This flush-mounted mixer tap range is no exception and adds beauty and simplicity to design with the important benefit of having 3 different water outlets.


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The flush-mounted control system, with its compact, minimalist design, is made up of a mixer tap and a lever to select different water outlets. 3V is the latest idea from TRES to develop conventional mixer taps by offering the possibility of combining up to 3 water outlets, giving you a more complete shower experience.

Mixer tap

A single handle opens and closes the water flow, adjusts the temperature and regulates the flow rate.

Functions selector

A functions selector allows you to choose whichever of the three possible water outlets you prefer. The intermediate position allows you to choose two simultaneous water outlets.


The flush-mounted system used by 3V products allows for perfect alignment of the different elements. Assembly is fast and simple, and the end result is an elegant and practical shower space.

The shower control unit and support supplied in the kits are integrated in a single indivisible built-in body, allowing the piece to be perfectly aligned. The jets (if any) can be aligned with the rest of the flush-mounted body, thanks to the installation profiles.

A Wall-mounted or plasterboard installation profile with a leveling system.

B Base with built-in shower connection and watertight protector.

C Detachable protector. External notch to protect the chrome-plated parts.

D Perfect alignment thanks to the fastening between the central body and the jets by means of profiles.