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The heart of the built-in tap

Trendsetting inbuilt thermostats

Built-in Block System tapware is a solution that offers top quality and a high level of aesthetic achievement. With its compact features, it is available in both square and rounded patterns, creating trends in visual design and giving bathrooms greater space and visual breadth.


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block system Horizontal

block system Vertical

Easy to install

The “heart of the built-in tap” boasts an extraordinary advantage, which is that it has an installation system that is comfortable for the professional. The invisible internal profile (hidden behind the wall or plasterboard) is especially designed to act silently, making your shower a time of complete relaxation.

Its internal mooring system is remarkable in that it has anti-vibration shock absorbers and built-in levellers, which ensure that the component is completely aligned.

A Wall-mounted or plasterboard installation profile with 3 levelling axes.

B Base with built-in shower connection

C Anti-vibration shock absorbers

D Water-tight protectors. The wall is protected from moisture.

From 1 to 4 different water outlets

Built-in cartridges with 1-4 outlets. In models with 3 or more outlets, there is the option of using two outlets simultaneously.

A reliable cartridge

They have the patented Tres-Instant 57 system built in. This is a cartridge that provides a constant flow, despite pressure and temperature variations. It is especially designed to withstand temperatures of 70 ºC, as required for disinfection of Legionnaire’s Disease. Obstruction-proof cartridge with high durability and anti-limescale protection.

Easy maintenance

The patented Easy-Clean technology ensures maximum cleaning made simple. An innovative feature complements this aspect: the disassembly of the handle joined to the cartridge prevents having to recalibrate the system when it is reinstalled.