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Ecology in the bathroom

The Canigó-tres series brings technology and nature together in the same product.

TRES has equipped the Canigó-tres series with certain features that promote water and energy savings to reduce the environmental impact of using this tapware, helping users to be environmentally responsible in everyday life.

In terms of design, the slanted angle of the handle and the sturdy bodies are combined with round contour angles to give the entire range a personality that sets it apart from the rest. The series includes all the options for bathrooms: wash basins with different heights and positions, built-in or surface-mounted mixer and thermostatic taps, all with accessories that make the series complete.


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The Canigó-tres series stands out mainly for being the most environmentally-friendly.
The eco-friendly technology integrated in each of its pieces promotes both water and energy savings.

Water saving system with a two-position handle. The middle position allows for water savings of 50%. When we use a basin or kitchen tap, 90% of the time we do not need the maximum flow. With this system, we can obtain greater water and energy savings.
Energy-saving system whereby the tap always runs cold water first, meaning that the water heater does not switch on unnecessarily. When the tap is turned on in the central position, only cold water is used. The consumer decides when he or she wants to use hot water, turning the handle to the left, which provides great energy savings.
Flow regulator for thermostatic showers.
The handle on the thermostatic tap has two positions. The middle position offers adequate comfort for the shower, while reducing water consumption by 50%. The user decides whether to raise the handle all the way to increase the flow. This system lets us save water, preventing unnecessary waste.
Built-in aerators
The wash basins have built-in aerators that mix the water with air, but without diminishing the sensation of water flow, permitting a 50% savings in water consumption.
TRES offers the possibility of adapting the tapware in this series to make it compatible with BREEAM® certification, demonstrating TRES’s commitment to the environment and the efficacy of its integrated technology to help create a healthier, more environmentally aware and friendly solution.


All tapware is manufactured with high-quality materials that ensure compliance with toxicity regulations. They are designed to keep the bathroom safe.

Thermostatic taps with temperature limiter
The cartridge of thermostatic taps limits the temperature to a maximum of 50 °C, which prevents the water from flowing at a higher temperature, which could cause burns.
Washbasins with Protec-tres®
Anti-scalding protection system allows the user to decide the maximum lever opening position for hot water. The position of the Protec-tres® ring determines the lever's movement, allowing you to set the maximum water temperature.