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No-touch technology and design

Electronic tapware stands out for its ease of use, lower water consumption and touch-free use, keeping your space cleaner and preventing the spread of germs. How it works is simple: built-in infrared sensors will turn your tap on and off automatically, making sure that you only use the necessary amount of water.

Water and soap, two in one

The different functions of the tap can be operated simply by waving your hand without needing to touch it. When the sensor detects the presence of a hand on the side of the spout, the dispenser provides the precise amount of soap. Once you have applied soap to your hands, placing them underneath the spout will activate the front sensor to release water.

Electronic soap dispensers

Electronic soap dispensers are of great use because they are much cleaner and more hygienic with no need to touch the dispenser. When the sensor detects that hands are present, the dispenser automatically provides the precise amount of soap to wash them with ease. The amount of soap administered in each dose can be adjusted on the dispenser. The dispenser is installed on the surface top itself to facilitate the passage of hands from soaping to rinsing without any more splashing than necessary.

To complete the elements included in the bathroom, especially for public use, we have designed these electronic soap or hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. They are extremely easy to fill. They have a white surface to make them adaptable to any setting and they are battery operated. The remaining amount of liquid can been seen through a transparent strip and a small red light is activated when the sensor detects the hands.


The touch-sensitive electronic tap

The Touch-Tres electronic tap for the washbasin and kitchen is activated by gently touching the surface of the button, without the need to press or push it. For safety reasons, it shuts automatically after 30 seconds or when the button is touched again.

Electronic kitchen taps

They have a side handle to control the temperature and a sensor to activate and deactivate the tap, which allows the water to flow without the need for constant contact with the sensor. They also have safety systems to prevent the tap from being left on. They are mains and battery operated.

The tap operates like a conventional one-lever tap (by operating the side handle) and also activating it via the sensor, which is located behind the spout outlet.

Manufactured and finished in stainless steel, this model is activated via the front sensor once the water has flowed through by opening the handle. The spout is removable and has a dual function, aerator and shower effect.

Which electronic tap are you looking for?