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    The latest products are waiting for you

    We have put together the main new products this year so you can see them at a glance. Tres has planned its catalogue with a strong commitment to technology to improve the shower experience, perfect the internal and external design of its products, broaden its special finishes and introduce electronic solutions to offer bathrooms and kitchens better protection against germs. Don’t miss out, we’re sure you’ll love them...

  • Shower Technology Blue Edition

  • Rose gold, the new exclusive finish

  • Rapid-box concealed single-lever mixers

  • Brushed metallic black

  • Electronic tap with built-in soap dispenser

  • You like what you see?

    See all news
Technology and design


Blue Edition shower technology: next-level electronic showers

TRES has improved its electronic innovation for absolute control of the shower. With these improvements, the shower is at the user’s service with new capacities that increase safety, water savings and convenience when showering, with everything ready and waiting. These are important arguments for installation in public places, too. On the outside, the original design is the same, but inside it is at a new level.

See improvements


Rapid-box: the incredibly easy concealed system for new single lever shower mixer designs

All concealed single-lever shower mixers have been given a new exterior design, replacing the classic diverter with an outlet water distributor that is much more precise and user-friendly. But the inside has also changed. Rapid-box provides total insulation of the body, which prevents any type of leakage, includes anti-vibration dampers and damp-proof joints, facilitates installation with cutting marks and can be fixed to plasterboard on both sides.

All available models


Wall-mounted basin taps are on trend, so we made them more efficient

The concealed body of all wall-mounted basin taps has been redesigned to include a bigger cartridge with dampers, which makes the tap much quieter when in use, and it has been fitted with the best damp-proof seals on the market. It can also be installed on plasterboard. Aside from internal improvements, the designs have been expanded with more variety and tap lengths.

Wall-mounted basin taps
New exclusive finishes


Rose gold, the finish that makes today’s interiors shine

With the increased use of precious metals in interior design, this special finish comes into play to give bathroom fittings a new look. The 24k-gold with a pinkish shade is characterised by its shine and originality. Taps with this finish are eye-catching and broaden the possibilities to create new interior designs. You will find this finish in the Study Exclusive and Project-tres series.

All pieces in rose gold


Brushed metallic black, a new option to create exclusive spaces

Last year, metallic black was on top with its dark shine, so this year we have created a new variant of the same finish with a brushed effect. This results in a more adaptable greyish black, which creates a look that is both rustic and modern. Without doubt, this new finish will set trends in decoration, adding elegance and sophistication to the designs of the Study Exclusive and Project-tres series.

All pieces in brushed metallic black


Tres Cleaner, the most recommended for cleaning metallic and shiny surfaces

Tres Cleaner is a cleaning spray for bathroom and kitchen taps tested for Tres products. It polishes surfaces, removes fingerprints, eliminates dirt, gets rid of limescale and prevents static. All of this in a single spray with two nozzle settings: as an active foam, which acts significantly more on dirt, and as a fine spray, to cover larger areas. The tap cleaning process is completed with a telescopic handle for shower heads and screens. All these kits are available in packs with different quantities.

Discover cleaning products by Tres
More shower solutions


Eco-drop hand-held showers adapt to your mood with 3 levels of intensity

Available in 9 finishes and with a circular or square design, the Eco-drop showers have a button to select the intensity of the water output: micro-drops, perfect for lathering, rain effect, soft and pleasant, and rain+air, which adds pressure and massages the body. Limescale residue can be removed from the silicone nozzles by simply wiping them off with your finger, so they are very easy to maintain.

See Eco-drop showers


Hand-held shower that prevents limescale build-up thanks to its self-cleaning system

In chrome and with a white water distribution surface, the circular head has a diameter of Ø220 mm; every time the tap is turned off, small teeth cover the nozzles to clean them and leave them unblocked when the water flows out again. The new hand shower is Ø110 mm and has 5 different types of jets; by moving the lever to change the function, the teeth clean each nozzle so there is no limescale build-up.

See more shower solutions


We have expanded the shower sets to include extra-flat stainless steel shower heads

All wall-mounted shower sets, both single-lever and thermostatic, have been expanded to include new variants to give you more choice. The new models incorporate the new generation of shower heads made of stainless steel and available in different sizes and shapes. They have an extra-flat profile and the water is dispersed over the entire surface of the shower head for a rain effect that is ideal when showering. Maximum quality for a unique design.

Shower sets
Contact-free hygiene


Electronic solutions for clean bathrooms ideal for public spaces

In public places, it is essential to keep the area clean and reduce contact with surfaces. Tres has included new electronic tap models in its catalogue with wall-mounted or shelf-mounted designs to help save water. Movement activation makes it possible to use the tap without touching it, which makes it completely hygienic because it helps keep it free from fingerprints and water splashes and prevents possible transmission of germs or disease. Perfect solutions for bathrooms of the future.

Electronic solutions


Water and soap with the new electronic tap

A two-in-one electronic washbasin tap: it enables you to soap and wash your hands using the same tap. The different functions of the tap can be operated by simply waving your hand without touching it. When the sensor detects the presence of a hand on the side of the spout, the dispenser provides the precise amount of soap. Once you have applied soap to your hands, placing them underneath the spout will activate the front sensor to release water. Available in two different designs, these taps are truly hygiene solutions that eliminate all contact with bathroom surfaces.

Electronic taps with water and soap


Elegant gel or soap dispensers

To complete the elements included in the bathroom, especially for public use, we have designed these electronic soap or hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. They are extremely easy to fill. They have a white surface to make them adaptable to any setting and they are battery operated. The remaining amount of liquid can been seen through a transparent strip and a small red light is activated when the sensor detects the hands. It is not essential for it to be wall mounted because there is also a version with a floor stand so that it can be placed near the shop entrance.

Gel or soap dispensers
New products


Montcau, classic and functional dual-control taps

A classic design with modern technology. The Montcau series is characterised by the voluptuousness of its handles, with red and blue temperature indicators, and by its compact body. The series is designed to be a simple and economic solution to fit the bathroom with the basics. There are also many types of kitchen taps, many of which are wall mounted, and with different tap lengths.

See the series


Electronic taps with temperature mixer for the kitchen

We have added new electronic tap models for the kitchen. They have a side handle to control the temperature and a sensor to activate and deactivate the tap, which allows the water to circulate without the need for constant contact with the sensor. They also have safety systems to prevent the tap from being left on. They are mains and battery operated. The chrome model has a sensor on the tap outlet; the stainless steel model has a dual-function pull-out tap.

More electronic kitchen models

Catalog 2021

View it on the website or request it at any of our distributors.

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