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In recent years, shower spaces have ceased to be purely functional, simple spaces. Today, surprising atmospheres are being built for enjoyment under the shower, to relax and revitalise, and benefit both mind and body. All the components you need to create that atmosphere are available from TRES.

Large shower heads

TRES’ shower heads are manufactured in stainless steel with an avant-garde design. Thanks to perfect jet distribution and to the flow regulators, the water from the shower will envelop your whole body and make the shower enclosure seems more spacious than it is.

Combined water outlets: Rain, cascade, micro drop.
Extra-flat concealed ceiling shower heads.
Anti-limescale nozzlets
which are easy to clean.
Enveloping effect thanks to the jet distribution and flow limiters.
Manufactured in stainless steel

Stream types

Cascade or double cascade.

Rain effect.

Micro drop. Disperses the water as minute droplets.

Shower heads to feel the pleasure of water


The TRES shower heads with chromotherapy work by combining water with colours, and offer the best method of harmonisation based on the revitalising properties of light, in conjunction with the well-being and comfort of a shower.

9 colours

2-minute cycles.

Activation of the LED lights

The LED lights can be activated automatically. The light cycle begins when the tap is opened.

It can also be activated manually if the shower head is installed with this in mind; the light cycle is then activated by an external switch (not included), irrespective of whether the tap is opened or not.

Benefits of chromotherapy

The aim of Chromotherapy is to stimulate the senses and boost positive mood. The colours irradiate light energy which influences the body and emotions.

Yellow / Activates cell renewal while generating positivity.
Orange / Invigorating effect and stimulation of mental activity.
Red / A very stimulating colour linked to strength.
Fuchsia / Increases blood pressure, regulates vitality and invites you to action.
Purple / This colour activates the imagination.
Blue / Brings peace and serenity. Helps to relax muscle tension.
Light blue / A quiet colour which inspires calm and confidence.
Turquoise / Signifies safety, purity and cleanliness.
Green / Provides balance and serenity, and relaxes.

Different designs with Chromotherapy


The shower bars and kits offer versatility with new components to broaden your tapware’s features.

Sliding wall attachment system to take advantage of any possible existing holes.
Steerable support
Steerable support with adjustable height by sliding up and down the bar.
Water connection
Intelligent solution to conduct the water without the need for further building works.
Integrated diverter
Switches the water outlet between the hand shower, top shower head, or both simultaneously.

Kits and bars to complete your shower space


With different shapes and dimensions, the TRES hand showers have been designed to meet your needs perfectly when in use. They provide experiences of comfort and well-being in your daily shower, as well as low water consumption.

Anti-lime quick cleaning

The silicone nozzlets prevent limescale crust and are easy to clean with a cloth or simply your hand.

Different functions

Between 1 and 5 functions, suitably combined for a stimulating shower. Massage streams, relaxing streams, rain effect...

Convenient function selection

The stream function can be changed by turning a small lever, or by the selection button (depending on the model of hand shower).

Air aqua

Some of the hand showers incorporate this system. Water mixed with air: efficient technology which reduces water consumption without losing out on comfort.

The perfect hand shower for you

Flexible hoses

Satin flexible shower hose

The outer cover is made of a smooth and flexible synthetic material. Hygienic and easy to clean.

Flexible shower hose with connection mechanism at both ends

This highly-resistant shower hose prevents sharp edges in the event of breakage.

Extensible stainless steel shower hose

Top-quality metal material which can extend from 1.70 m to 2.00 m.


Anti-twist swivel

Anti-twist system which lets the shower be swivelled by 360°, preventing the shower hose from twisting.

Universal connection

The standard 1/2“ connection is compatible with all kinds of showers, supports and tapware.

The flexible shower hoses combine with all the finishes available