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The easy-to-install touch-operated shower

Shower control at a single touch

Electronic thermostatic control for enjoying a shower with complete peace of mind. The digital touch-operated panel means you can program the temperature and flow easily and intuitively to create a unique, personal experience.

Technology and design come together to create a new way to enjoy the shower experience.


Electronic thermostat control digitally regulates water temperature and outlets with a single touch.

Data display screen.
Temperature selector switch.
Flow rate control.
On, off and pause.
Water outlet control.

Precise temperature control

The temperature is at 38 ºC when the tap is initially turned on. The maximum limit is 46 ºC. The selected temperature level is indicated by numbers and a color scale.

From 2 to 4 different water outlets

The digital control is adapted for each shower assembly, according to the number of water outlets desired. This way, by simply touching the screen, we can activate the desired outlet, be it the shower head, the shower, the jets or the cascades. Versions with 3 or 4 outlets allow you to use two water outlets at the same time in a single use.

Getting the shower just right

Warm System. The digital control panel light flashes while it is reaching the preselected temperature, so you will know exactly when your shower is ready.

Hermetic screen

The control panel is totally hermetic, with the buttons lit up while in use and finished in black or white.


The electronic thermostatic control box for this product can be installed at a distance of 5 or 10 meters from the shower space, making it possible to install the box anywhere in the home: on the terrace, in storage rooms, laundry rooms, and so on, using a false ceiling, the interior of furnishings, empty spaces in the bath unit, etc.

Minimal installation and fast assembly

2 outlets
3 outlets
4 outlets


  • The digital mixer tap shuts off automatically when the water has been flowing continuously for more than 15 minutes.
  • Anti-scald system In the event of malfunction in the hot or cold water supply, the system locks and the flow of water shuts off.
  • In the event of a power failure during operation, the system locks and the water flow shuts off. When the power returns, the system remains stopped and must be switched on again.
  • Includes a pressure regulator to make it easier for the installer to balance the pressures.