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The thermostatic tapware by TRES is pure technology

The key which ensures that the thermostatic system is of top reliability and in complete control of the whole tap is in the Tres Instant cartridge technology.
These cartridges maintain steady water flow despite variations in pressure and/or temperature.
Instant response to the temperature selected, keeping it constant (± 1 degree) despite pressure and/or temperature variations.
Cartridges manufactured with anti-lime material to ensure a long life. They are also difficult to get blocked.
The cartridges are designed to withstand the required temperature of 70°C for legionella disinfection.
Tres instant 77
30-35 l/m
With double filter
Tres instant 57
50-55 l/m
The two cartridges are interchangeable
Inverter integrated
The inverter is integrated into the flow regulation handle, for both 2 and 3 outlet routes, making it easy to use when selecting the water outlet.
Distributor cartridge with three functions
A single handle lets you: open/close the passage of water, regulate the flow and invert the water outlet.
Temperature control
The safety button restricts the temperature to 38°C to prevent burns. All that is needed to increase the temperature is to press the button and turn the handle.
Maximum reliability
Since it is an anti-lime body and is unaffected by lime deposits, the thermostatic cartridge is the most reliable on the market.
Eccentric with silencer and filter
They prevent dirt from entering, which means fewer breakdowns and a longer life.
Easy-to-clean cartridge
TRES offers the possibility of cleaning the cartridge easily in the event of blockage, without losing its calibration.
The thermostatic tapware by TRES provides a constant water temperature in the minimum time, reducing energy and water consumption. Most models incorporate the touch-cool system which keeps the surface of the tap cool to protect you from getting burnt by touching it.
Conventional thermostatic tap
The cartridge is in the right handle. The internal water circuit results in the hot water touching the surface and heating the tap.
Thermostatic tap with touch-cool system
The cartridge is in the left handle. The internal water circuit leads the cold water to touch the surface so that the tap is always cold to the touch to prevent burns.
With endless combinations possible, following rounded or angular designs for both bath and shower, TRES has specialised in the manufacture of thermostatic shower sets for an elegant presence in the bathroom and wonderful moments of relaxation under the shower.
A wide variety of brass shower heads, steerable to 22°.
Telescopic bar which lets you set the height of the shower head according to your need.
Hand showers with different features.
Steerable support with adjustable height.
Inverter integrated into the flow regulation handle, for both 2 and 3 outlet routes.
Temperature control with safety button which limits the temperature to 38°C.
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