The new 3-way Mixer Tap awakens our emotions

1. TRES Grifería offers UNLIMITED EMOTION. Our many years of experience in research and technology allow us to constantly innovate and create products for smart, functional bathrooms. Plus, intuition and common sense safely guide us on where we are going and how to get there. Thus we get a limitless end result with no sense of urgency: what matters is functionality and a quality, well-designed product created to live life to its fullest. The new 3-way Mixer Tap personalizes the spirit of TRES. How could we not feel emotion!

2. Tres Grifería offers COMFORTABLE EMOTION. The new 3-way Mixer Tap brings maximum comfort to your shower and provides more functions with the same ease of use. A single handle opens and closes the water flow, adjusts the temperature and regulates the flow rate. In addition, the function selector allows you to choose any of the three possible water outlets.

3. Tres Grifería offers ATTRACTIVE EMOTION. We have created the 3-way Mixer Tap to awaken your emotions. With a minimalist, modern and elegant design that combines a refined appearance with the practicality of its functions. Brass support and shower head with SATIN hose (hygienic and very easy to clean). The control panel and shower support are integrated in a single built-in unit in the kits. The mixer tap can be purchased as a kit or in separate units.