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Base-Tres and Base-Tres Plus, the design of the essential


The simplicity of these ranges was thought through in detail to meet basic tapware requirements without sacrificing quality and at affordable prices. These are two collections that include the basic items needed to equip bathrooms and kitchens, designed without making any concessions in terms of the quality of their components.

Shower Technology & Tres-Clasic, the most surprising combination


Who said the classic can’t be modern? The best example in response to this question is the Shower Technology system applied to the Tres-Clasic series.

Three times more sustainable


Following our eagerness in contributing to a more sustainable planet, since last October, in TRES we’ve begun to change small office practices that together form part of our program to reduce waste and increase the company's ecological practices.

TRES' most solidary open doors


Saturday 12th of October, TRES opened the doors of the company so that its workers, with their families and friends, could enjoy a facility tour through TRES’ central offices in Vallirana (Barcelona).

TRES staff are in great shape


On Sunday, 16 December 2018, a mixed group of 13 runners/employees of the TRES group took part and successfully finished the 3rd edition of the “Santander Cursa de les Empreses” in Barcelona, competing in the 5K and 10K races.

Why doesn’t TRES apply the CE mark on its sanitary tapware?


In the European Union, the marketing of sanitary tapware is not regulated by any common directive or regulation and the CE mark is not applied to this type of products. In bathroom furnishings, there is an extensive catalogue of products with the CE mark (toilets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, wash basins, shower trays, sinks, urinals, bidets), but tapware is not included among these.

TRES presents new finishes for its hygienic showers


TRES presents a new line of hygienic showers for toilets with black matte and steel finishes. The expansion of our collection, with some of the most popular finishes, features these pieces, making them more attractive and giving a more modern look to your bathroom furnishings.

Tres Monoclasic: Time stands still for you!


Who says classic is old-fashioned? The Monoclasic series from Tres Grifería has been redesigned, incorporating small aesthetic changes, while maintaining the distinctive classic design of the series and getting back to the source of its traditional values.

Strategic plan for new talent at TRES


In order to meet the needs of the TRES company, its Human Resources Department did not hesitate to create a plan for hiring new, qualified talent focused on the digital media, since the traditional portals are no longer as effective and nowadays digitalization is perfectly implemented in our society.

Standing taps that a lot of thought has gone into.


The surprising feature of the standing taps by TRES Grifería for the bath are their two independent regulators, one to fill the tub and the other for the hand shower, which represents a true innovation. The hand shower regulator is limited to a temperature of 45 ºC to prevent burns.

Recognition of quality management and services at TRES Grifería


Thanks to the effort and commitment of the entire team of professionals at TRES, we maintain our certification year after year and have adapted to the new 2015 version of the official “Quality Management Systems UNE-EN-ISO 9001” standard.

Protect-Tres The Formula 1 of happiness


The new Project-Tres series is very contemporary and elegant and can go with practically any decorative style. It is intelligent and manages to put us back in contact with the TRES spirit, taking it forward into the future. This is a series with a wide range of finishes, such as matte white or black colours, as well as steel and chrome.

High school field trip to the TRES facilities


On the 22nd and 24th of January last, approximately 70 2nd year students from Instituto Público Vall d’Arús high school in Vallirana visited the main headquarters of TRES Grifería.

New TRES Price List. The most useful tapware guide.


Tres Grifería presents the new Price List for 2018, which includes new floor-installed mixer tap items for wash basins and bathtubs, in addition to presenting the new Project-Tres series. And the Monoclasic series has improved its design and added 24k gold plating on some of its pieces.

TRES renews its social action programme


In order to promote and expand its social and employment integration plan, the TRES Private Foundation has renewed its commitment to supported employment, thanks to the signing of an agreement between TRES and the Mas Albornà Foundation.

TRES’ products have received international recognition


Discover why TRES’ design, technology and values have received international recognition.