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Why does TRES manufacture its pool showers in Grade 316 stainless steel?


TRES has recently included four new swimming pool showers in its catalogue, manufactured in stainless steel. What makes these showers so suitable for the outdoors is the material they are made of: Grade 316 stainless steel. Let us tell you about the benefits of this material.

Gold matte by TRES in interior design


Metallic finishes in decoration have always been characterised by their shine, an easy-to-combine tonality and the stamp of personality they bring to an ambiance. One of the finishes which reflects current trends is gold matte, which adds a more natural touch and has many possibilities.

The tap to suit your kitchen


A kitchen tap must be suited to the needs of those who use it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are many variants to make your daily work in the kitchen much more convenient. Taps designed to provide solutions, and which adapt to your lifestyle.

More space and design with the concealed taps by TRES for washbasin


Tapware concealed in the wall instead of installed on top of the sink is trending in the decoration of the washbasin area. A more original option with the same great results. Whether installed during renovation work or a new construction, appreciating the value of a wall washbasin tap will always bring advantages.

Canigó-tres Plus basin taps are available in all design options and with special heights


The Canigó-tres Plus range is comprised of a wide variety of taps for basins with all design options found on the market, with an eco-friendly version that provides the same comfort while avoiding unnecessary water wastage.

Rinse yourself with a TRES outdoor shower before and after going for a dip in the pool


TRES has added two new stainless steel showers for swimming pools to its catalogue, protecting swimmers’ health by increasing hygiene levels in and around the swimming pool.

Choose the perfect number of water outlets for your TRES concealed shower mixer tap


With endless versatile designs, TRES wall shower mixer taps are a simple and easy-to-install option which stand out thanks to their practicality, the comfort of use of the single mixer tap and their high resistance to the effects of time. Our concealed models are available with either 2 or 3 outlet routes. Allow us to tell you all about the advantages of each model.

TRES expands its catalogue with the addition of Canigó-tres Plus, a range designed to make your bathroom more sustainable


Canigó-tres Plus incorporates features that promote water and energy saving, helping turn any bathroom into a sustainable space, perfect for making your house as environmentally responsible as possible.

Special finishes which define your space


Our special tapware finishes help transform your rooms by filling them with personality and making them stand out. Allow us to introduce a practical orientation guide to help you choose the perfect finish for each decorative style so that you have more inspiration when it comes to designing your one-of-a-kind project.

TRES to supply its tapware to Sant Sebastià Residential Centre for people with intellectual disabilities


TRES is collaborating with Fundació Via Assistencial in the construction of a new residential centre in Barcelona, where it will provide all of the tapware.

How do I choose the right tapware for my shower?


If you are about to refurbish your house or you have decided to update the tapware in your bathroom, TRES offers you advice to help you choose the best option for upgrading your shower or bath.

The immersive experience of large shower heads


Well-being and relaxation are TRES’ number one priority when it comes to designing our bathroom products. Our shower heads help you achieve that feeling of well-being, no matter the product you choose.

TRES promotes quality youth employment with a dual training system


TRES has been one of the companies associated to feda EDU, German Business School, for 5 years, taking part in duel business training in Spain and actively helping to promote quality youth employment.

A state-of-the-art home integrated into the surroundings


The developer Seniorland designed this modern dwelling in line with responsible and ethical construction criteria and perfectly complemented it with TRES fittings for the bathroom, shower and kitchen.

Fill and flush mechanisms for toilet cisterns


TRES has added the WC Systems section on toilet cistern mechanisms to its catalogue to offer an economical and quality alternative for these parts also present in the bathroom.

A special tap for each interior design project


The TRES catalogue includes the widest product versatility to complete any interior design project bearing in mind the end user’s needs, the location and functionality of each tap and the differential design of each item to create surprising atmospheres.

Contactless technology and design


Electronic basin taps are both easy to use and efficient. Thanks to its infrared sensor, there is no need to touch the tap with your hands, maintaining hygiene levels in the bathroom and reducing water consumption.

TRES broadens its kitchen taps range


Every kitchen has a style which reflects the owners’ taste and way of life. If you wish to change the appearance of your kitchen without building work and give it a more stylish, cosmopolitan air, TRES has broadened its tapware selection for this room with new models.

The new generation of shower heads


We present the new generation of shower heads by TRES. They are manufactured in stainless steel, which makes the parts much more durable and resistant, and the exterior finish is chrome, easily adaptable to the usual appearance of the bathroom.

Anti-COVID-19 with zero physical contact


The Basic electronic washbasin tap from TRES is characterised by ease of use, lower water consumption and zero physical contact, and is recommended for both public and domestic spaces, with electronic technology at the service of saving for a reliable, precise tap adaptable to any setting.

Equip your whole bathroom with Canigó-tres, TRES’s commitment to environmental efficiency


With the Canigó-tres series, you will be able to equip your bathroom with everything it needs out of a range of options for washbasin and shower, incorporating an adaptable design and technology to save water and energy.

The Project-Tres series expands to include a black metallic finish


Tres Grifería has extended its range of exclusive colours to include a special metallic black finish. In an industry driven by home interior design trends, more minimalist architectural projects and an increase in the interest of the consumer, the metallic black colour represents elegance and sophistication.

Tres Grifería announces the improvement of its tap fixation system


The company has launched an important improvement to its tap fixation system onto the market which benefits the installer in their work by saving 30 seconds in the mounting of each tap.

Canigó-tres thermostatic sets for efficient consumption in the shower


TRES has specialised in the manufacture of thermostatic shower sets for an elegant presence in the bathroom and wonderful moments of relaxation under the shower. That is why TRES has completed the items from the Canigó-tres series with a thermostatic set to add to the series’ features and make the shower your favourite time of day.

A more sustainable life at home with the Canigó-tres series


We’re more and more convinced that using water responsibly at home is one of the most effective ways of protecting the environment.

7 advantages of installing an anti-chlorine filter from TRES Grifería


More and more homes are using tap water to cook and drink. Many times, we find that the water has an off smell and flavor. This is caused by too much chlorine in the mains water.

The Canigó-tres series brings technology and nature together in the same product


TRES has equipped the Canigó-tres series with certain features that promote water and energy savings to reduce the environmental impact of using this tapware, helping users to be environmentally responsible in everyday life.

To be or not to bidet? Why not install a hygienic TRES shower instead?


Bidets are disappearing, but their function remains. The natural replacement for the traditional bidet is the bidet shower for toilets, or hygienic shower. It can be installed discreetly beside the toilet and is undoubtedly a great way to gain space without sacrificing the benefits of good hygiene.

Cuadro-Tres. 10 years ago, TRES designed perfection


Cuadro-Tres and Cuadro Exclusive are two product lines that have enjoyed huge success and are still popular years after their creation.

Base-Tres and Base-Tres Plus, the design of the essential


The simplicity of these ranges was thought through in detail to meet basic tapware requirements without sacrificing quality and at affordable prices. These are two collections that include the basic items needed to equip bathrooms and kitchens, designed without making any concessions in terms of the quality of their components.

Shower Technology & Tres-Clasic, the most surprising combination


Who said the classic can’t be modern? The best example in response to this question is the Shower Technology system applied to the Tres-Clasic series.

Three times more sustainable


Following our eagerness in contributing to a more sustainable planet, since last October, in TRES we’ve begun to change small office practices that together form part of our program to reduce waste and increase the company's ecological practices.

Tres Grifería in Cersaie 2019


Cersaie is the most important international fair for news and trends in the ceramic and bathroom furniture sector. Held in each year in Bologna (Italy), the last edition took place from 23 - 27 September. Tres Grifería, with Estil Guru, took part with Block System, the built-in shower system renowned for its design and quality.

TRES' most solidary open doors


Saturday 12th of October, TRES opened the doors of the company so that its workers, with their families and friends, could enjoy a facility tour through TRES’ central offices in Vallirana (Barcelona).

The Tres Grifería showroom (TTC) celebrates 10 years


The Tres Grifería showroom is celebrating a decade of over 2,500 visits (more than 16,000 people). These ten years have established it as a place of innovation and training for professionals.

TRES staff are in great shape


On Sunday, 16 December 2018, a mixed group of 13 runners/employees of the TRES group took part and successfully finished the 3rd edition of the “Santander Cursa de les Empreses” in Barcelona, competing in the 5K and 10K races.

Why doesn’t TRES apply the CE mark on its sanitary tapware?


In the European Union, the marketing of sanitary tapware is not regulated by any common directive or regulation and the CE mark is not applied to this type of products. In bathroom furnishings, there is an extensive catalogue of products with the CE mark (toilets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, wash basins, shower trays, sinks, urinals, bidets), but tapware is not included among these.

TRES presents new finishes for its hygienic showers


TRES presents a new line of hygienic showers for toilets with black matte and steel finishes. The expansion of our collection, with some of the most popular finishes, features these pieces, making them more attractive and giving a more modern look to your bathroom furnishings.

Tres Monoclasic: Time stands still for you!


Who says classic is old-fashioned? The Monoclasic series from Tres Grifería has been redesigned, incorporating small aesthetic changes, while maintaining the distinctive classic design of the series and getting back to the source of its traditional values.

Strategic plan for new talent at TRES


In order to meet the needs of the TRES company, its Human Resources Department did not hesitate to create a plan for hiring new, qualified talent focused on the digital media, since the traditional portals are no longer as effective and nowadays digitalization is perfectly implemented in our society.

Standing taps that a lot of thought has gone into.


The surprising feature of the standing taps by TRES Grifería for the bath are their two independent regulators, one to fill the tub and the other for the hand shower, which represents a true innovation. The hand shower regulator is limited to a temperature of 45 ºC to prevent burns.

Recognition of quality management and services at TRES Grifería


Thanks to the effort and commitment of the entire team of professionals at TRES, we maintain our certification year after year and have adapted to the new 2015 version of the official “Quality Management Systems UNE-EN-ISO 9001” standard.

Protect-Tres The Formula 1 of happiness


The new Project-Tres series is very contemporary and elegant and can go with practically any decorative style. It is intelligent and manages to put us back in contact with the TRES spirit, taking it forward into the future. This is a series with a wide range of finishes, such as matte white or black colours, as well as steel and chrome.

High school field trip to the TRES facilities


On the 22nd and 24th of January last, approximately 70 2nd year students from Instituto Público Vall d’Arús high school in Vallirana visited the main headquarters of TRES Grifería.

New TRES Price List. The most useful tapware guide.


Tres Grifería presents the new Price List for 2018, which includes new floor-installed mixer tap items for wash basins and bathtubs, in addition to presenting the new Project-Tres series. And the Monoclasic series has improved its design and added 24k gold plating on some of its pieces.

TRES renews its social action programme


In order to promote and expand its social and employment integration plan, the TRES Private Foundation has renewed its commitment to supported employment, thanks to the signing of an agreement between TRES and the Mas Albornà Foundation.

TRES’ products have received international recognition


Discover why TRES’ design, technology and values have received international recognition.