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Shower Technology & Tres-Clasic, the most surprising combination


Who said the classic can’t be modern? The best example in response to this question is the Shower Technology system applied to the Tres-Clasic series.

These two products can be considered to be at odds, but which here join together to show that the classic and the modern can blend well. With Shower Technology for the Tres-Clasic line, Tres Grifería offers the possibility of enjoying the latest technology in a product with a vintage look.

The advantages of touch technology

Shower Technology is a shower system that works using a digital touchscreen panel that allows the user to set both the water temperature and its flow rate. Also, as it is thermostatic, the system balances the temperature based on the user’s requirements.

The screen displays numbers, colors and icons showing the different options available in the system. This is the case with our “Warm System” technology (the function that allows us to know when the water has reached the temperature selected by the person having the shower or bath).

Modern, comfortable and functional, the most striking thing about Shower Technology is that, with just one click, the user can easily avail of competitive features.

A minimalist and traditional solution

With finishes in chrome, steel, old brass or gold, bathrooms can display traditional values in harmony with a high-tech product that can meet our modern needs.

Shower Technology & Tres-Clasic is available for showers or baths with two or three water outlets. It is also available for kits with classic showerheads, whether wall or ceiling mounted.

When it comes to its installation, installers Benefit from the advantages and simplicity provided by Shower Technology. The main component of the system – the electronic thermostatic control unit – can be installed with minimal effort and can be easily connected to the shower area by a cable. In order to make the most of the space available, this control unit can be placed in the false ceiling, inside pieces of furniture, in the laundry room or terrace, or even in unused spaces around the bathtub.

The minimal installation required for this product, whether in plasterboard or solid walls, means that installers save money and time. That’s why installers who have installed it once are happy to use the product again.