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Shower Technology Blue Edition, Block System and 3V, the best shower experience from TRES


TRES has four main pillars for the best experience in the shower: practicality, design, high quality and sustainability. To this end, it develops and improves its technology so that your shower is the best time of your day.

Shower technology Blue Edition, electronic showers at the next level

Digital interaction with the tap is possible through the electronics. TRES’s Shower Technology consists of a panel which controls all the shower processes by touch. A simple touch lets you select the temperature, control the flow and choose the water outlet you want, and includes savings programs, temperature warnings and safety to make your shower experience more pleasant. Now TRES has developed the Blue Edition version of this system, adding new features and a 5-year guarantee. The Shower Technology Blue Edition system incorporates four improvements for a more complete experience. A new program gets the shower ready so it is at the temperature you want when you get in (the panel flashes during in the process, and the shower stops when the desired temperature has been reached to avoid wasting any more water). There is a disinfection program to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. Refreshing cold showers are now possible with the “low” mode which goes down to temperatures below 25°C. In addition, the new Schlüter seals give improved watertightness and prevent moisture from forming, to guarantee maximum safety.

Block System, highly attractive concealed thermostatic tapware

One of the technologies with most features that you can find for the shower is thermostatic tapware. It puts you in full control of the water: the temperature is precise and reliable, flow regulation is convenient and there is the possibility of more than two outlets. TRES’s Block System is a concealed thermostatic tap for the shower or bath which has compact physiognomy that offers more space and visual breadth. It is available in rounded or angular designs, both highly attractive. You can integrate up to four combined water outlets, making the tap one of the brand’s most complete and practical systems. It incorporates the Easy-Clean system for very easy maintenance of the cartridge, lengthening the tap’s useful life. Another noteworthy feature is the internal design of this concealed tap which allows for very easy installation because the concealed body is a single piece, takes up minimal space and incorporates levellers for complication-free installation.

3V mixer taps for the shower: more features with the same ease of use