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Shower Technology Blue Edition by TRES, the perfect solution for hotel bathrooms


The bathroom is one of the most highly valued parts of a hotel by guests as they see it as an overall reflection of establishments’ cleanliness and quality. That’s why it’s important to provide extra value wherever possible and impress the guests while also featuring parts with a sleek design that help save water and that are highly practical and hygienic.

Shower Technology Blue Edition by TRES fulfils all of these criteria, making it the perfect choice for use in hotel bathrooms and boasting next-level upgrades that push it ahead of the competition.

Modernity and practicality, the focal point of its exclusive design
Shower Technology is an electronic thermostat which is operated via a touchscreen panel, allowing the user to turn on the shower, programme the temperature and choose between different water outputs and flows. Its minimalistic style allows it to blend in seamlessly no matter the décor and turns it into a centrepiece even in rooms designed with exclusivity in mind. What's more, it is available in chrome, steel and matte black or white finishes, ensuring that you'll find the perfect option, regardless of the design of your bathroom.

Perfect showers
The electronic tapware enables you to programme your time of entry into the shower, informing you when the water is at your desired temperature. This way, there are no surprises; the water is always at the perfect temperature when you step into the shower, never too hot or too cold. The speed with which it reaches the desired temperature also helps reduce water consumption.

The maintenance needed for hotels to ensure hygiene levels
In spaces such as hotels, it is essential to disinfect the shower to avoid legionella infection. Shower Technology Blue Edition can increase its temperature up to 60 ºC and disinfect the shower by selecting the 10-minute high-temperature disinfection programme. The digital panel will let you know when the programme has finished and automatically turn the water off.