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Shower Technology Blue Edition: The next-level TRES electronic shower


TRES unveils an upgrade to its innovative electronics system which will be featured in its 2-outlet touchscreen showers. Shower Technology Blue Edition retains the original design while integrating new features that increase safety, water savings and comfort while showering. Fully designed and manufactured by TRES, these products boast a 5-year guarantee. The latest upgrades are:

Prepare your shower so that it is perfect when you step in
The user can choose the temperature at which they want to take a shower. While they are waiting, the panel’s light blinks. When the water reaches the desired temperature, the shower turns itself off to avoid wasting water and it will already be at the perfect temperature whenever the user wants to use it.

More refreshing showers
If you want a cold yet pleasant and revitalising shower, you can now select “low” mode which allows you to lower the temperature to 25 °C, offering you comfort and safety.

The best anti-humidity sealing
The built-in system is fully watertight, preventing humidity from appearing inside. With sealing provided by Schlüter, the best manufacturer on the market, we guarantee the safety of your shower.

Suitable for legionella disinfection
It is essential to disinfect the shower to avoid legionella infection, especially in public spaces. You can choose between either the legionella prevention programme (5 minutes at 60 °C) or the disinfection programme (10 minutes at 60 °C). When the programme finishes, the tap turns off automatically to save water and it will let you know that the process has successfully completed.