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Special finishes which define your space


In interior design, each creation must be the embodiment of a specific objective that is in perfect harmony with the proposed aesthetic style, and it is absolutely necessary that all items and parts that make up the space fit into, strengthen and contribute to this initial idea. Our special tapware finishes help transform your rooms by filling them with personality and making them stand out. At TRES, we boast 17 different finishes that, combined with the vast range of products in our catalogue, offer you the best options when it comes to transforming your bathroom.

That’s why we’ve created a practical orientation guide to help you choose the perfect finish for each decorative style so that you have more inspiration when it comes to designing your one-of-a-kind project.

Avant-garde designs that aim to be transcendent
Metallic black is a very prevalent finish that is characterised by dark tones, with immensely shiny reflections. The metallic effect produced by this finish gives your space a touch of modernity and elegance. It particularly stands out when combined with light furniture with organic textures. To finish off your avant-garde room, play with the contrast between the furniture and the taps, and you won’t go wrong.

One of the other more in-demand finishes that adds sophistication and style is matte black. As well as being the perfect choice for those who want this space to take centre stage, it’s very versatile, especially when applied to pieces with defined lines and simple shapes, which give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

For a more daring decoration with dark furniture or walls, the matte white finish is the one for you and it will give your bathroom lots of personality.

Exclusive designs with meticulous details
The most luxurious spaces are those that are not excessive, when each individual item stands out on its own. The decoration in these spaces speaks about who inhabits them and gives us a glimpse of their personality through the carefully selected materials used for the furniture, highlighting the importance of their manufacture process.

Tapware is one of the elements that is most prominent in the bathroom, and a special finish is what you need to highlight this sense of exclusivity. The 24-karat gold finish perhaps best represents this. Pure elegance and distinction. Shine and reflections that give light to the room.

For a singular and incomparable piece, 24-karat matte gold creates a space that is equal parts contemporary and elegant. The vibrancy of the gold, together with the lightly brushed matte finish, creates fascinating pieces that become the centre of attention.

In these kinds of surrounding, metallic black also has considerable clout, and produces interesting reflections that augment the decoration when combined with light and dark items.

Industrial design in an urban setting
Playing with wooden and metallic items, a retro touch and pieces with an aged appearance, industrial style is featured now more than ever in our homes.  Straight lines and neutral colours create an austere effect which, combined with restored furniture, give off an air of sophistication. That’s why the perfect finishes for accompanying tapware in these spaces are steel and matte gold. They both have the metallic look which goes seamlessly with this aesthetic, and the brushed surface gives an aged quality without losing their vibrancy.

Classic inspiration for contemporary spaces
For a more classic style, every aspect of the decoration needs to adhere to this goal. Furniture with winding shapes—not excessive, but far from being minimalistic—and a timeless spirit that makes it easy on the eye.

Old brass is an ideal finish for creating a rustic and warm atmosphere, and you can choose between shiny or matte. For a more light and elegant space, go for the shiny finish. If a more natural and casual ambience is what you want, then the matte finish is the best option for you.

And for rooms in which the colourful interior design takes centre stage, the tapware can simply step out of the spotlight and blend into the background. In these cases, steel gives a classic appearance and contributes to visual harmony. These finishes, when applied to pieces with a classic design, like the tres-clasic range, are always a hit thanks to their vintage design that reminds us of authentic original tapware finishes and gives the room a classic touch.