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Slim Exclusive

Stylish and slim lines that offer you unrivalled exclusivity. The Slim Exclusive range features slender parts and elegant finishes, highlighting its length and underlining its unique, personal and contemporary style.

Cuadro Exclusive

A collection that cares for even the tiniest of details. With stylish lines, a compact body and modern design, the Cuadro Exclusive series is pure craftmanship, perfect for adding a distinguishing touch to the most cutting-edge spaces.

Study Exclusive

Simple yet extravagant. The cylindrical and slim body of the Study Exclusive range searches for a timeless balance. A minimalistic and harmonious design with metallic finishes or painted in a bright colour.

Loft Colors

The combination of flat surfaces and cylindrical areas makes the Loft Colors series a perfect mix that adapts to a great assortment of environments. And the flawless union of colour and chrome helps highlight the products’ modern lines. Winning combinations for today's bathrooms.


Project-Tres is the most special series by Tres. It can be adapted to endless environments and features surprising finishes, mixing innovative technology with versatile design. There must be a reason why everyone loves it.


Its design takes inspiration from classic tapware but it is equipped with the latest technology. Tres-Clasic creates the rustic, classic and elegant ambience that you are looking for. The special finishes available for this model are the perfect option for adding the finishing touches to an inspiring bathroom.


Cuadro-Tres is not just functional, but it also stands out for its conceptual nature and beauty. Its straight and well-proportioned lines with a casual and alternative touch add a decorative element to its surroundings.


Its careful design, combined with specially created technology, makes Max-Tres one of the most elegant and functional series available, providing your bathroom with modernity, simplicity and quality.


The balance between flat and rounded surfaces results in a wide and versatile collection. Loft-Tres is the series which best fits in to any situation and is always a winning choice. Designed for water.


The Class-Tres series is the fruit of the clear goal to provide as much well-being and comfort as possible in your bathroom. Featuring modern lines, it suits any kind of space, whether small or large.


Its unique, elegant and innovative lines help contain cutting-edge technology which provide maximum comfort while reducing water consumption.


A classic design that oozes tranquillity. Alplus is a well-balanced range which works perfectly and never goes out of fashion. That’s what makes it special.


The wonder of Flat-Tres lies in its simplicity. Slender, comfortable and functional, this series results in an accessible yet special bathroom. Flat-Tres is simplicity personified.


K-Tres’ power lies in its organic shapes and its inclination. It fits in perfectly in a wide variety of spaces thanks to its simple figure, making it both practical and pleasant.


A robust and attractive series inspired by the simplicity of its shapes. BM-Tres features a flat handle which makes it easy to integrate into any setting, reinforcing its naturalness.

Monotres 2000

Specially designed for the distribution sector, Monotres 2000 gives your bathroom or kitchen affordable and functional tapware, with compact models that are easy to fit in to conventional facilities.


Eco-Tres is a range of basic products designed for high rotation It has everything you need to equip a house with tapware that is functional, accessible and easy to install.


The Ese-23 two-handle series is an affordable alternative to basic tapware. Its retro handles, with hot and cold water indicators, and its compact body are the talking points of this range which contains all the basics needed for installation in a house.


With the Base-Tres series, you can equip your bathroom or kitchen with the essentials, since each tap in this series fulfils a function and has been designed to combine efficiency and safety with simplicity of operation. Base-Tres is basically simple. Basically unique.


The Base-Tres Plus series is defined by its simple lines, adaptable to any setting. Its minimalist appearance, as well as its ergonomic control and a body with sinuous, pleasant and clear lines, provide your bathroom with the most essential elements.


The Canigó-Tres range from Tres boasts water and energy-saving features. Its inclined handle and robust body are integrated into the rounded angles of its contours, providing personality and a distinctive touch to the whole product range.


The balance between design and the perfect bathroom experience shouldn't be at odds with sustainability. Canigó-Tres Plus incorporates features that promote water and energy savings, helping turn any bathroom into a sustainable space.


A timeless design with today’s technology. The Montcau series stands out for its opulent handles and compact body. This collection is a simple and affordable solution that allows you to fit your bathroom with the basics for less.