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The immersive experience of large shower heads


Well-being and relaxation are TRES’ number one priority when it comes to designing our bathroom products. Our shower heads help you achieve that feeling of well-being, no matter the product you choose.

The large size of the shower heads creates an immersive effect, giving you a unique experience by allowing the water droplets to cover your entire body. The shower’s multiple outputs can be combined to relax you with a soft rain curtain, delicate steams of micro-droplets or an endless waterfall. There are also shower heads which feature LED lights and produce a distinguished spa-like atmosphere with all the benefits of chromotherapy.

The large amount of nozzles on the shower head soothe and awaken the senses and, as they are made of silicone, they avoid building up limescale and can be easily cleaned with a cloth or your finger, allowing the water to flow perfectly and helping keep the tap in perfect condition.

Shower heads tailored to the design of your shower
Thanks to the plethora of models and versions we offer, you’ll have no problem finding the right shower head to suit your shower and the space you have available. TRES’ wide range of shower heads—from wall or ceiling-mounted shower heads to showers built into the ceiling—offers you endless choice, and are available in square, rectangular, round or classic designs. What’s more, in addition to the abundant choice of stylish and cutting-edge designs, TRES presents its new extra-flat stainless steel shower heads.

In keeping with latest trends, TRES tapware is available in special finishes and attractive designs, and in many different materials. Shower heads integrated in shower sets are available in metallic black, steel and 24-karat gold, among lots more amazing finishes. That way, the exclusive design and the soothing sensation of the water mean having a shower becomes a complete and immersive experience.