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The tap to suit your kitchen


A kitchen tap must be suited to the needs of those who use it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are many variants to make your daily work in the kitchen much more convenient. Taps designed to provide solutions, and which adapt to your lifestyle.

If you have kitchen refurbishment in mind, take the particular features of each model into account and choose the perfect tap for you.

Single-handle, two-handle and wall taps
Where you install the tap will mark the style and practicality of your kitchen. One option is to install it on the wall, either with visible models or concealed versions, for a much more interesting design. This option frees up space on the surface top, but you should remember that the water connections need to be inside the wall, something not so common nowadays and which may require minor renovation work.

Another option is the surface-top tap, the most popular system. For these cases, you can choose between single-handle taps, which are practical and convenient, and two-handle taps, reminiscent of more traditional models with two handles to regulate the temperature using the hot and cold water supplies. Single-handle mixer taps have been gradually replacing two-handle taps thanks to their practicality and energy saving.

Most people will use a single-handle kitchen mixer tap with a simple swivelling spout because it fulfils the function required of a kitchen tap perfectly. But sometimes we want a special feature to facilitate work in the kitchen. For these cases, TRES offers a wide variety of taps with an extensible spout. This helps you to clean the whole zone, fill pots at a distance and enjoy freer handling. These pull-out spouts come with either a conventional stream (with aerator), or with a double function which includes a rain effect, dispersing the water in a very convenient way, especially for cleaning kitchen utensils.

The most professional version of this type of tap is what we call semi-industrial taps at TRES because they offer much greater versatility, with fixed and extensible spouts and different stream types in a single item, and a greater range of movement.

If what you need is a higher level of hygiene, convenience and safety, the electronic taps are a good alternative, and are ideal for hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

Sometimes, you will need to install a tap in front of a window, but the height of the spout means you cannot open it properly. To solve this issue, TRES has taps with a folding spout which let you tilt the spout downwards to leave space to open the window. This model is available with both a contemporary and classic design.