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Three times more sustainable


Following our eagerness in contributing to a more sustainable planet, since last October, in TRES we’ve begun to change small office practices that together form part of our program to reduce waste and increase the company's ecological practices.

The first step was to change our coffee and vending machine distributor. Hiring Cafès Novell as or supplier. Workers soon realized that the cups used to serve their coffee stopped being made of plastic. TRES’ Human Resources department, following workers’ approval, chose 100% recyclable and compostable paper cups, over plastic ones, although the price of coffee became more expensive.

Following this dynamic, the Purchasing department of the company, proposed a change of supplier of toilet and kitchen fungible material; Soap, toilet paper, hand towels and odors elimination aerator. All of them, now are provided by the company Stocknet Vallès, products of ecological manufacture from recycled and/or ecological material.

And as a third practice, we also changed the old plastic water bottles machine, for a hot and cold water fountain. Together with this action, each worker received their own metallic bottle to be able to refill it with the water fountain, free of charge.

With no doubts, the shift towards a more sustainable world is everyone's business, but if we can contribute in our sector, we will continue doing so without hesitation.