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To be or not to bidet? Why not install a hygienic TRES shower instead?


Bidets are a common sight in bathrooms across many countries in Europe (particularly Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Ecuador).

Nowadays, bathrooms don’t have enough space to fit a bidet in next to the toilet and, anyway, we tend to think of them as passé. Most bathroom renovations now seem to do away with the bidet in an effort to gain space, allowing for a bigger shower, or more space around the sink. It’s obvious that if something is not being used, it’s best to get rid of it.

Bidets are disappearing, but their function remains.
The natural replacement for the traditional bidet is the bidet shower for toilets, or hygienic shower. This system allows you to eliminate the bidet without having to do without its advantages. It can be installed discreetly beside the toilet and it allows us to have a jet of water that ensures extra cleanliness.

The TRES bidet showers are composed of a hand-held shower that is connected to a wall-mounted mixer tap by a hose. Available with square and round designs and with different handle models, the hand-held shower has a flow limiter, meaning that the water pressure is always adequate. When the hand-held shower is hanging from its support, there is no risk of the excess water creating a puddle on the floor, as all models have no-drip valves.

To protect you from undesirable water temperatures, TRES has added the Protec-Tres® anti-scald system to the mixer tap, which allows you to set the desired maximum temperature.

This new feature for the toilet, the shower bidet, comes with an innovative minimalist design and fits in with any kind of bathroom design, while the support structure for the hand-held shower can be installed on either the right or the left of the mixer tap. You can install a towel rack (sold separately) on the side opposite the support.

If you want to avoid doing any installation work, TRES has the solution. You can buy a special mixer tap for the sink with a special outlet for the shower bidet. Installation is simple because it uses a shared water connection with the sink’s mixer tap. In this case, the hand-held shower has a button, or lever, that controls the flow of water.

The use of hygienic showers is becoming ever more widespread, and that is surely because they are a great way to gain space without sacrificing the benefits of good hygiene. This practical element meets your needs and ensures a cleaner WC. Also, it’s ideal for installing in public spaces where greater mobility and functionality are required, such as healthcare facilities (care homes and hospitals), hotels and daycare centers.