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TRES chooses local manufacture to guarantee the best quality and service


In such a globalised and interconnected world, offshoring seemed to be a safe business model, but experience has shown that manufacture at the locality has many direct benefits for the immediate surroundings as well as for the results of the brand itself.

TRES is a tapware manufacturer for bathroom and kitchen since 1968. From its beginnings, TRES has commercialised its products by placing value on the complete manufacture of all of them, ensuring higher quality and better service.

Aiming to offer design and experience within reach of all, and to help make responsible water use more pleasant, it has always industrialised its products in a way that aligns with its brand values. This also implies a long-term projection of the benefits it brings to the brand, to its customers and to the society in which it resides.

For both brand and consumer, committing to local manufacture is a way of understanding the local economy.

Provides total control of the process
The whole production chain is closely verified constantly, so that the opportune improvements can be incorporated immediately and effectively.

Ensures product quality
Product quality can be guaranteed when you can directly supervise all the controls demanded. Specialised personnel and latest-generation machinery minimise errors so that we can offer top quality.

Deliveries are faster
Only with complete manufacture of the product can the production cycle be streamlined. This allows us to shorten delivery times and help our customers avoid storing obsolete products.

Reduces the environmental impact
Not externalising the manufacture of a product reduces both transport and packaging by the various suppliers. This means that the environmental impact is much lower. And so are the associated economic costs.

The product can be customised
To reach everybody, it is important to cover all needs. TRES has the capacity to create more exclusive products and can adapt to its customers’ demands, because it is in control of the products it manufactures.

Partners and customers are close by
This nearness benefits all the parties involved in a business as it facilitates direct relationships and stimulates the economic growth of your immediate surroundings.

Promotes job creation
Manufacturing here means creating jobs and training people so that they can progress in their work. TRES has special programmes to incorporate young people onto the job market, and constant training projects to strengthen the skills of its current staff.