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TRES expands its catalogue with the addition of Canigó-tres Plus, a range designed to make your bathroom more sustainable


The balance between design and the perfect bathroom experience shouldn't be at odds with sustainability. Canigó-tres Plus incorporates features that promote water and energy saving, helping turn any bathroom into a sustainable space, perfect for making your house as environmentally responsible as possible.

The range includes everything you need for your bathroom: basins with different heights and positions, taps for bidets, concealed and surface-mounted mixer taps and thermostatic taps for your shower. The Canigó-tres Plus range adheres to a clear aesthetic design which makes it fit in perfectly in almost all surroundings.

Basin taps
The basin taps in this collection are available in three different heights, including in XXL, which features special dimensions, and with aerators that provide excellent comfort while preventing unnecessary water wastage. The eco-friendly version of these taps use our Tres-Duo technology, featuring two handle positions, with the central position helping save up to 50% more water without compromising comfort, and the integrated Cold-Tres technology prevents the boiler from being turned on unnecessarily by always opening the tap with cold water instead of using mixed water when lifting the handle in the central position. There are also wall- or shelf-mounted basin taps, with either a mixer tap or two handles.

Bidet taps
Aside from the conventional bidet taps, this range also features a concealed shower to place next to the toilet, a very effective system that helps save space in rooms with limited area that don’t have a bidet.

Mixer taps for the bathtub or shower
Mixer taps are practical by definition. Available as either concealed or surface-mounted, the Canigó-tres Plus mixer taps are easy to handle, very comfortable and fit perfectly into most spaces. The handheld shower included in all models has three different functions, and can be switched between massaging, relaxing and invigorating water flows through its mode selector button.
Thermostatic taps for the shower
Thermostatic taps are designed with the whole family’s safety in mind and to provide maximum comfort in the shower, with systems such as the 50 °C temperature limiter to prevent the risk of burns, and the 38 °C safety button, giving the user complete control over when to increase the temperature. The water flow handle has two positions: the middle position offers perfect comfort in the shower while reducing water consumption by up to 50%.

TRES allows you to adapt the tapware in this range in order to make it BREEAM®-compliant, proof of TRES’ commitment to the environment and the effectiveness of its integrated technology to help make its surroundings more healthy, conscious and responsible.