• Mono-Term®
  • Chromotherapy
  • System Tres Touch-Cool®
  • Legionella prevention and control
  • Thermostatic calibration cartridge
  • Cleaning the filters and tge cartridge of a thermostatic mixer
  • Purging a thermostatic installation
  • TRES Cascade SLC
  • Tres Duo®
  • Protect Tres®
  • Cold Tres®


The functionality of a mixer tap with the comfort level of a thermostatic control.

TRES has patented a new mixer tap with a temperature response similar to that of a thermostatic control. Without filters or anti-return valves, changes in pressure and flow are no longer noticeable to the users.


The TRES Chromotherapy shower heads combine water with colours.

The TRES Chromotherapy shower heads combine water with colours to offer the best harmonisation method using the revitalising properties of light together with the feeling of wellbeing and comfort provided by a shower.

System Tres Touch-Cool®

New TRES system that keeps the tap surface at suitable temperature for touch, preventing scalds. A security system suitable for children or adult.

Legionella prevention and control

To prevent or desinfect the sanitary circuit in the event of an outbreak of legionelosis, it is necessary regulate the mixing temperature beyond the hot water limit (for example 70°C). In that case, the control system must be partial disassembled in a order that the limits will be inactive and desinfect the circuit by thermic shock.

Thermostatic calibration cartridge

The water temperature from your tap doesn't coincides with the mark 38ºC from the control? We help you with an easy way to calibrate it.

Cleaning the filters and tge cartridge of a thermostatic mixer

Does the water flow properly or doesn't reach the desired temperature?

Clean the filters and the cartridge for a good tap maintenance.

Purging a thermostatic installation

Before installing any tap you should purge the installation to avoid future problems.

We explain how to do it.

TRES Cascade SLC

Clean in easy way the aerator of your tap to obtain a perfect draining water.

Tres Duo®

On new water saving system applied to TRES's taps you could save upto 50% water consumption. When you open the tap you find a first water save position with no control loss.

Protect Tres®

On new antiscald protection system applied to TRES's taps you could establish the handle course adjusting in this way the maximun temperature that the tap's water comes.

Cold Tres®

Energy-saving system whereby the tap always runs cold water first, meaning that the water heater does not switch on unnecessarily.


New cartridge of quick reaction, calibrating the temperature is just one second. With that cartridge we obtain that the water temperature oscilliation will be just one degree.