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Water and soap with the new electronic tap by Tres - hygienic contact-free solutions


Both at home and in public places, it is fundamentally important to keep the area clean and reduce contact with surfaces. With this in mind, Tres has incorporated new electronic tap models into its catalogue with adaptable, modern designs.

What’s special about these new additions is the possibility of choosing between a conventional electronic washbasin tap, which dispenses water through a sensor, or the duo version, with which you can apply soap and wash your hands using the same tap. In the last case, the different functions of the tap can be operated by simply waving your hand without touching it. When the sensor detects the presence of a hand on the side of the spout, the dispenser provides the precise amount of soap. Once you have applied soap to your hands, placing them underneath the spout will activate the front sensor to release water.

Contact-free hygiene
The movement sensors of these electronic washbasin taps means they can be used without needing to touch them, making them completely hygienic because they help keep the washbasin clean and free from fingerprints or water splashes. This also prevents the potential transmission of germs or illnesses.

Protection and safety
The tap operates using an electric current and batteries, which are guaranteed up to 500,000 cycles before they run out. This means that the tap will continue to work even if the power fails. If the sensor is remains activated when the tap is no longer being used, it will switch off after 60 seconds to prevent water waste and, if there is a power fault, it will stop automatically. These new electronic washbasins comply with the UNE-EN15091 standard.

For public bathrooms and domestic bathrooms
The electronic taps, both with single and dual functions, are suitable for public bathrooms and are increasingly used in private homes. For example, in a small guest bathroom, a single tap frees up space and avoids contact with other elements of the bathroom with its built-in soap dispenser. The detection distance of the sensor can be adapted to suit every space.