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Why are non-return valves so important?

This is a retention system that prevents water return or reflux due to a loss of pressure or a reduction in the supply and flow of water, providing greater safety and precision for thermostatic tapware.

Non-return valves are uni-directional, allowing water to flow in just one direction. They are opened by the force of the liquid moving in one direction, and they close due to the effect of the gravity of the water trying to return in the opposite direction (counter-flow). The action of a spring helps to close the valve.

TRES Grifería has a wide range of thermostatic products that regulates water temperature and flow rate automatically and which use this system of non-return valves. Including these valves is mandatory. They are incorporated in all thermostatic items during the manufacturing process, as they prevent water return or reflux due to a loss of pressure or a reduction in the supply and flow of water, particularly when this is required to avoid mixing waters from different circuits or with varying quality and uses. All of this achieves improved safety, lengthens the life of the product and avoids water loss and unnecessary repairs.

TRES thermostatic tapware offers safety, quality and reliability in line with standard UNE-EN 1717, which also establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for protection against the contamination of drinking water at water facilities and the general requirements that such installations must have to prevent contamination due to reflux.

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