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Why doesn’t TRES apply the CE mark on its sanitary tapware?


In the European Union, the marketing of sanitary tapware is not regulated by any common directive or regulation, and the CE mark is not applied to this type of products. In bathroom furnishings, there is an extensive catalogue of products with the CE mark (toilets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, wash basins, shower trays, sinks, urinals, bidets), but tapware is not included among these. There is currently no harmonised standard for sanitary tapware to comply with the mandate of the Construction Products Directive, so it is not possible to give them the CE mark or make any statement about the compliance of these products.

Some of the member states in the European Union have their own approval processes that include product tests according to certain standards. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the importer to ensure product compliance and to complete the corresponding processes to legalise it through testing, quality controls during production and the processing of the corresponding documentation.

The CE mark is not a quality mark and therefore it does not imply that the product offers any extra quality guarantees or features; the CE mark merely indicates compliance with certain minimum requirements related to safety and is a mandatory legal requirement to be able to market a product. Merely having quality marks does not eliminate the obligation to have the CE mark. 

Be suspicious of tapware found on the market with this sign, as it is incorrect and is no assurance of quality. It just goes to show the substantial lack of knowledge on the part of those who have manufactured them, and also calls into question their reliability.

As a manufacturer or supplier of tapware, if a customer, dealer or specifier demands the CE mark as a condition for product acceptance when selling tapware, we must inform them that this does not currently exist and therefore they should not be concerned.

Ensuring confidence

At TRES, we always strive to offer maximum quality at an attractive price. This is why our products are manufactured entirely, according to regulations, in Spain, from top quality materials of European origin.

Before it reaches the end consumer, each of our taps is subjected to stringent quality and stress testing. As proof of this to consumers, TRES applies to the main certifying organisations. The objective of the certification in sanitary tapware is to continuously ensure product compliance and to be able to demonstrate compliance with the mandatory requirements and regulations that are applicable to them, implemented in the certification. As proof of this quality, many of our products have certifications from NF, ACS, AENOR, BELGAQUA and the Catalonian Regional Government. In addition, our production process, quality management and services at TRES have earned ISO 9001/2015 certification.

With these certification processes, TRES wants to demonstrate transparency to installers and users throughout all of its manufacturing processes, and a commitment to making efforts to increase the quality of the products it designs and manufactures.