This year visitors to Barcelona Design Week 2015 could enjoy a selection of tapware and accessories from Tres Grifería. The renowned architecture and interior design studio YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona selected different pieces from the brand's collections as the perfect complement for its spaces.


New Catalogues 2015

After painstaking development based on our customers’ demands, TRES presents its new catalogues, with an wide selection of products for the home, thus updating and expanding its current offer in the tapware market.


Our products in the media

TRES is constantly looking for new ways to reach consumers better, and that’s why we have launched a new communication campaign. Right now, our products are being successfully advertised in both Spanish and international magazines in the sector. What’s more, we can now be found in more general interest media.



With shapes inspired by the future, straight and narrow lines that underline its length, emphasise its singular style, and with a chrome finish that enhances its purity. A tap with personality.


People with great taste who are looking for a modern, high quality tap will surely appreciate this unique collection. Truly luxurious sensations which convert the bathroom into the oasis of comfort you are seeking.


Its impeccable appearance along with the technology developed for it make this series among the most elegant, functional and categorically perfect, giving your bathroom a modern, simple and high quality touch.


This series stands out both for its functionality and for its conceptual nature and beauty. Its straight, pure lines with a carefree and alternative feel add a decorative note to the room.

Loft Colors

The LOFT colors series offers a wide range of colours for different bathroom and kitchen fittings, broadening options for interior designers and decorators.

Cuadro Exclusive

A collection for people like you who is looking for something different, but without compromising on elegance or comfort. Pure craftwork and maximum design to decorate the most modern spaces and add a touch of distinction to the bathroom.

Thermostatic tapware

All the most advanced technology, to maximise your comfort. The fast-response thermostatic cartridge, the anti-scalding system and the functionality meet all the requirements for a shower.

Built-in thermostatic tapware

All the advantages of thermostatic tapware while also maximising the available space and creating a natural and functional appearance. A technologically advanced product which is easy to fit, has a minimal installation depth and no corrosion points.

Thermostatic bar tapware

The most complete and perfect bathroom. The quality of a thermostat that provides the comfort you need to take full advantage of the pleasure of the water. With designs that coordinate with any style of bathroom.

Thermostatic kits

Thermostats are the star feature of tapware. Comfort, safety and economy are fully integrated into our kits.

Built-in sets

Quality and technology are intrinsic features of TRES, and the innovative range of built-in thermostats combine the relaxation of the water that flows from its shower heads and hand showers with the latest trends for the modern bathroom.

Shower heads

Showerheads with the desired shapes, sizes and finishes. Ceiling-fitted, wall-fitted, with chromotherapy, massage effect, cascade type, curtain of rain, etc., all designed for relaxation. At TRES we make them a decorative element, with an exclusive design and the best possible quality.

Kits and Bars

Complete your bathroom with a sliding bar which allows you to shower without the need for a hand shower. A wide range of functional and attractive models, incorporating the water intake to make life as easy as possible.


We offer you multiple solutions, from the most sophisticated to a simple hand shower for those wanting the most basic option, not forgetting the multi-function showers created with anti-limescale and water saving materials without compromising on the satisfaction of a comfortable shower.


Hoses of different sizes and finishes to coordinate perfectly with your bathroom: from the practicality of satin-finish hoses to the retro feel of brass or copper hoses, not forgetting double clamped hoses in chrome and extendable hoses.


The elements that your bathroom needs, with countless designs and different finishes. Directable, fixed, with wall intake, etc.

Kitchen Mixer Tap

These are the most commonly installed taps due to their practicality, as all functions are controlled by one single lever or handle. Only one simple movement is required to adjust both the temperature and the flow.

Pull-out spout Kitchen Taps

Add functionality and a large radius of action in the kitchen with an pull-out spout tap. Depending on the model, the flow can be easily adjusted by pressing a button, making it adaptable to the task at hand.

Water Treatment

Filtered, chlorine-free water from a single tap in the kitchen. The easiest and most effective way of having chlorine-free water in the house without having to buy and carry bottles.

Folding Kitchen Tap

These models come with a spout which can be rotated and folded down. This is ideal when the tap is to be installed near a window.

Electronic Kitchen

Electronic tapware is used whenever practicality and ease of maintenance are sought, respecting and even extolling the modern and functional styles available.


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The videos TRES presents you, are a useful tool to learn more about our latest developments, view how the faucets are installed and understand the benefits of our patented systems.