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How to keep your tapware in good condition

We tend to think that bathroom and kitchen tapware is highly resistant and doesn't need to be looked after. It’s true that it is resistant, but if we want to keep it for a long time, we should check it often and carry out frequent maintenance.

The most common finish on brass taps is achieved by electroplating, which combines layers of nickel and chromium. One of its most highly valued chemical properties when exposed to environmental action is that it protects itself with a highly resistant pore-free layer or film.

It's also true that chrome plating is highly corrosion-resistant, but be careful: some abrasive cleaning products like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonium and bleach can damage it, causing premature deterioration of the material, whether applied directly to the surface of the tap or just through vapours (if used close to taps). Caustic soda, benzene, turpentine, acetone and alcohol should also be kept well clear of taps as they are products or detergents that can be highly toxic and abrasive. 

When water evaporates, and particularly if its contains a lot of limescale, it leaves crystalized particles on the chrome surface, which can damage tapware, destroying its coating or staining it with mould, so it is a good idea to clean your taps regularly to prevent limescale build-ups. It is important not to use scouring sponges as they can scratch the surface. You can apply a soft, damp sponge with a few drops of neutral liquid soap to clean the surface of the tap. Rinse with a damp cotton cloth and dry and buff to a shine with a chamois or cleaning cloth.

Do not use spray products, since the mist can penetrate the openings and spaces between the accessories, damaging them.

Our tapware exceeds the requirements of European standard UNE-EN 248 for coatings, Point 5.1 regarding the corrosion resistance test and has been accredited with the corresponding quality certificates.

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