Quality politics

The General Management of TRES COMERCIAL, S.A. believes that it has the obligation to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and other regulations in force that are applicable to each and every product and service that the organisation offers, applying for this purpose the following principles:

- Involving our staff through their participation and commitment to meeting the requirements, which constitutes a key element for reaching the organisation’s goals.
- Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations, identifying risks and the related opportunities.
- Standardising processes and action protocols that lead to the provision of a consistently quality service.
- Making quality our competitive edge.
- Promoting training at all levels in order to have a trained, professional staff, striving to take advantage of the experience of our human resources.
- Correcting any non-conformities and claims that arise, emphasising prevention to prevent them from recurring.
- Considering continuous improvement a permanent work methodology that increases the quality perceived by the interested parties, taking into account the context of the organisation.

This Quality Policy is developed and specified through measurable Quality Objectives.

The General Management, though the Training and Motivation Plan, ensures that its Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all staff members. Likewise, the fact that management reviews the System ensures that the policy is revised to keep it relevant and adequate.